The MAYA RALLY is a multi-week, multi-national, expedition scavenger hunt and challenge course. It pits teams of overland drivers in their own vehicles against one another and the elements, traverses thousands of miles of variable and unknown terrain, enters rarely-seen locations far off the beaten track, and spans countless foreign horizons.

The MAYA RALLY is an overland adventure distilled to its most raw form: there is a start, there are designated challenges which must be completed for points, and there is a finish. Everything else is up to you.

There is no route. There is no support. There are few rules.

If you break your will, if you break your body, or if you break your ride, you are on your own.

At a remote point deep in the forests of Latin America, at the farthest reaches of your long and perilous journey, you will be received by an End of the World celebration in your honor, and if you win, recognized with a healthy reward.

That is, if you make it.

The MAYA RALLY will confront you with the fact that the world could end for you before it does the rest of us.

Are you ready?